As an SME entrepreneur you receive dozens of questions on a daily basis. Questions from customers and partners, from employees, from the government who want to know everything about you, from the bank or an accountant, from service providers and, of course, from your friends and family. As an entrepreneur you will need to have all the answers.


But where can you, as an entrepreneur, go with all of these most urgent questions? Questions about the growth, opportunities and threats, the line of succession and the financial position of your company? Are you on the lookout for a team of fellow entrepreneurs who understand you, answer your questions and help you avoid any potential mis-steps? Goal oriented and ready as of yesterday.


Join us, you’ve come to the right place!

What do we do?

Bizbuzzerz BV is a collaborative organization comprised of entrepreneurs who combine their knowledge and their experience in order to answer the questions of fellow entrepreneurs.

We don’t only give you the answers, but also solve the underlying issues. Are you starting, growing or do you foresee that your company will be in dire straits? Even though your questions might vary from one another, the challenge is always there. And so are we! The outcome will not comprise long reports, but practical solutions which you can apply quickly and which give you an immediate result. Expensive?

Look at it as an investment in your company.

Who are we?

Bizbuzzerz knows the tricks of the trade.

Our main man is Jo Warnier, who is extraordinarily knowledgeable in all commercial topics. He is experienced, a generalist and has a large analytical skillset, all of which help to penetrate to the heart of your issue. Effective and discreet.

Our financial man is Ger Penders, who, alongside the team of Euregio HabetsRoyen Accountants and Tax Advisors, will help you to leap over all financial hurdles. You’ll receive insight and adjust when necessary. From administration to more complex fiscal advice. Accurate, quick and trustworthy.

Every company needs a sound legal basis, that’s why our specialized lawyer in entrepreneurship, James Leliveld from Leliveld Advocaten, will be your sounding board. Every facet of corporate law is represented at this firm. From the line of succession to restructuring. Decisive and ‘to the point’!

Our Network

We are not omniscient, but by using our network of professionals we’ll get pretty close. The network of BizBuzzerz is comprised of reputable and trusted advisors who are each one of the best in their fields. For example purchases, HR-questions, notaries, mobility, privacy law, technical questions and so on.

Any questions?

You’re free to ask us anything. If you would like to know more about how we can help you then contact us as soon as possible. While the first consultation is free, it’s will provide you with priceless inspiration. If you come to the conclusion that our support greatly helps you on a structural level, then you too will become a part of the group of savvy entrepreneurs that have joined us. Interested? Let’s talk!